(PRIVATE EVENT) “Ramen School Graduation Party!” – MAY 11th, 2019 3pm-5pm/EST

Fresh off of training, I will utilize the knowledge from ramen schooling to fine-tune my knowledge of Japanese ramen. I am going into my third year of crafting and I wish to continue to share my passion with others.
The dish will be a tonkotsu ramen served with hand-made noodles, veggie toppings, chashu and tentatively: ebi gyoza, sunomono (cucumber salad), rice, drinks and a character cafe-inspired dessert!
There will be no charge for the invited guests to this event, but donations will be accepted.

**This is a private event, but some members of the public will be invited/selected to this event. The reason being is that this will be a casual dinner with drinks provided, but it will be at my personal apartment here in Middletown. Only those invited or selected to attend will be given my address.

(POP-UP EVENT) “Louisville GEKISENKU!” – Louisville, KY – 02/02/2019

Flying Crane Ramen hosted it’s 1st Pop-Up event at Choi’s Asian Food Market on February 2nd. This was a major milestone for me and my volunteers. All of us involved with “Louisville GEKISENKU!” thanks our kitchen & venue host, Choi’s Asian Food Market for allowing us to come in and prepare everything we needed. They had been more than accomodating and supportive towards us. Immense planning went into creating not only the ramen, but to ensure a smooth flow of service.

The two flavors of ramen that were offered were my original crafted recipe, “Kasane Miso”, and a Shio Ramen (sea salt-based).

The idea was to offer a flavor that was very savory, but then also, an alternative lighter-tasting broth with the Shio ramen. Personally, I prefer heavier ramen like miso and tonkotsu. However, I know that not everyone does, so that was why I offered a shio variety.

As far as a menu goes, I would like to go for a “Ebi Shoyu” (seafood-based ramen with soy sauce flavor– I likely will charge more due to seafood costs), and a “Spicy Miso Tonkotsu”. Yes, yes, I know that I already did a miso ramen for this passed event, but the two tare are completely different! Whereas my Kasane Miso has earthy, slightly sweet, and hints of curry elements, my spicy miso tonkotsu is for true “heat-misers”! It certainly brings the heat, but without being so obnoxiously spicy that you can not appreciate the other components.

All-in-all, I use awase miso (white and red miso blend) for both flavors, but my tare for the Kasane Miso is crafted to complement white miso flavors, and my Spicy Miso Tonkotsu’s tare does the same for red miso, respectively.

Oh, and I did not offer an ajitsuke tamago for this event because I wanted to perfect the eggs to my liking, to be served. I feel for the next event that they should be on the menu!

In preparing for this event, at times when I became tired, my associate Mr. Son stepped in to help run cups, lids, and other boxes to the vehicle. He stayed up until 4:30am helping me, had to wake up for his job at 6:30am, and immediately after work, came back to help. I like to think of myself as very self-sufficient, but he truly came through for this event, and I will always be grateful for his contribution!

In addition to Mr. Son, I also would like to thank my other volunteers, Steven A. aka “The Unkamen Soul”, and even “Mama Tsuru” and her boyfriend stopped by to help her little crane with her event 🙂 We all pulled through, and when I make it one day, I’ll be looking back at that memory of everyone working together. Thank you, everyone!

~ Lady Tsuru