“Toothsome Prowl”…A unique noodle for each ramen broth. Made just for YOU!

AGGRESSIVE NOODS!™ was born from the fierce desire and pursuit of a well-rounded bowl of ramen for our ramen pop-up events. The broth, although well-received by guests, needed a noodle that could match the quality of the ramen broth. It needed to be readily accessible, affordable, and also be able to harmonize with the well-thought-out complexity of our broths. In order to achieve these quality measures, we decided to look into each ingredient needed to make the noodles. From there, set out to utilize the highest quality that we could obtain for each ingredient.

Some of the signature features of our noodles are that they’re made using bamboo-filtered sea salt imported from Okinawa (Aguni no Shio) and Zhi Zi extract to provide natural yellow color and a hint of flavor. The flour is sourced from places like Canada, Australia, and the United States (Vermont) as part of our blend of wheat flours. All of these fine ingredients are crafted together with purified water to offer an unparalleled noodle experience.

Check out how they make bamboo-filtered Aguni sea salt!

We produce and sell specialty Japanese & Chinese-style alkaline noodles that are made-to-order. They are NOT fried, but are only air-dried. The noodles are air-dried in a temperature-controlled, isolated environment. Covering them in large mesh tents helps to lend to quality assurance. Once dry, they are weighed, packaged, and then shipped. They are delivered to you within days, and not months, after being made.

Upon opening each vacuum-sealed pouch, be sure to take in the noodle’s fresh “wheaty, sweet, and alkaline” aroma! You’ll know instantly that you’ve made a great decision to give AGGRESSIVE NOODS!™ a chance.

This is one pouch of Premium Tokyo-Style noodles. Each order contains 5 pouches, plus two samples of our other varieties!

Q & A

Q: There are a plethora of fresh noodles already on the market, and even more of the dried variety. What can AGGRESSIVE NOODS!™ offer that I can not feasibly get elsewhere?

A: The main purpose of this brand is to bridge the gap that ramen cooks like the owner had when they were starting out. It is not always easy to have specialty noodles for ramen shipped to you because: the transit times can be too long, the shipping costs too expensive, or a particular seller could simply refused to ship them to the United States. It is necessary to have the full experience in pairing noodles with broth. For example, like the Hakata from the Sapporo-style of noodles, etc and not just using one type of noodle for all broths. Not everyone has local access to specialty noodles for ramen or can get them shipped from overseas.

That said, we are here to help!

Ramen shops help to set themselves apart amongst the competition with in-house made noodles. In addition, when considering the appropriate noodle-broth pairing, you are rendering the most flavor out of your bowl of ramen. Most of these same ramen shops understand the idea behind avoiding a “linear” application of using the same noodle for all broth varieties. With these specialty noodles, you’re already halfway there to enjoying it paired along with your own homemade broth. Since the noodles are dried for you, feel free to consume them in a more leisurely fashion. The noodles that we produce are specialized for a variety of ramen broths, made-to-order, and authentic-tasting! After over a year of Research & Development alone, these noodles have been crafted to be perfect for at-home or professional ramen dishes!

Q:Ok, so I have placed my order. Now what?

A: Once you have placed your order, we will start on it within the listed production schedule notes (See the *NOTE below the product selections). There are resting periods that are necessary for optimal gluten formation. After your noodles are finished being made, they can begin the drying phase. Drying is usually a 14-18 hour process. Once dried, they will be weighed, bagged, sealed, packaged, and ready to ship. We utilize a carrier pickup service which will pick up your order from us, and get it to you as soon as possible.

Most areas in the contiguous United States take between 2-3 business days to deliver. As an example, if you order Monday morning, you can potentially have your order, in-hand, by Thursday or Friday depending upon your location.

If you try to order an item and we are “Sold Out”, this means that we have reached to maximum amount of orders we can currently take on that item. Likely, it should be “restocked” (meaning we can resume taking orders for that item) in a few days.

Storage of your noodles in a dry, cool place is best if you do not plan to cook them immediately. The noodles are best eaten within 90 days from shipment. If you order our large variety pack (“Prowler Pack”), which is nearly a month’s worth of noodles for individual ramen bowls, please be sure that you can consume them all within the 90 day timeframe.

Slight variation in color may occur from batch-to-batch due to the addition of Zhi Zi. This is a Chinese herb tea extract that we use as a natural yellow colorant for the noodles. Also, you may occasionally find trace minerals as small black particles from the Aguni salt that are normal, and no worries to consume.


The shopping carts only work for US-based shipping addresses (Free Shipping!). For International order inquiries, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your understanding!


PROFILE: Moderate hydration, firm but with a decided chew, thin (1.5mm), yellow, square & slightly wavy.

Designed to have a slight glossy transparency when cooked, the Tokyo-Style noodles are great for “chintan” (“assari”, or clear-type) ramen broths. Also, cold noodle preparations like “hiyashi chuuka” (chilled noodles topped with chilled vegetables, seafood, shredded egg crepe, and a cold, vinegary dressing) can be made using these as well.

For best results, boil your noodles according to the cooking instructions listed on the label using filtered water. CONTAINS: WHEAT, EGG.

A SUGGESTED RECIPE TO TRY: https://www.thepauperedchef.com/article/how-to-make-shoyu-ramen-at-home


Profile: Moderate hydration, chewy, medium thickness (2.5mm), deep yellow, rectangular & with a slight-moderate wave.

Our Sapporo-style noodles are designed to allow the savory elements of miso ramen broth to cling to them. Also, they taste great as a noodle base for “abura soba” (a sauce and oil-based, broth-less ramen dish)!

For best results, boil your noodles according to the cooking instructions listed on the label using filtered water. CONTAINS: WHEAT, EGG.

A SUGGESTED RECIPE TO TRY: https://food52.com/recipes/25702-spicy-miso-ramen-express


Profile: Very low hydration, firm but with a decided chew, very thin (1.2mm), can be light yellow to yellow, square, and straight.

These firm and resilient noodles are designed for “tonkotsu” (a pork bone-based broth) ramen. They are also suitable for Singaporean fried noodle dishes!

For best results, boil your noodles according to the cooking instructions listed on the label using filtered water. CONTAINS: WHEAT.

A SUGGESTED RECIPE TO TRY: https://norecipes.com/tonkotsu-ramen-recipe/


Profile: High hydration, chewy but with a subtle bite, very thick (3.5mm×2mm), can be deep yellow to light brown, wheaty, rectangular, & straight.

These noodles are for dipping into a savory broth of your creation or from your local ramen shop! For a true tsukemen experience, before dipping the noodles into the broth, taste and appreciate the noodles on their own.

For best results, boil your noodles according to the cooking instructions listed on the label using filtered water. CONTAINS: WHEAT.

A SUGGESTED RECIPE TO TRY: https://www.cherryonmysundae.com/2019/02/tsukemen.html


Profile: Very high hydration, chewy and dense, thick (3.5mm diameter uncooked and about 5mm after cooking), white, tubular & straight.

Fun to chew! These noodles are great on their own as a snack, or served in hot broth such as udon soup. Udon can also be served cold to be dipped into a savory “tsuyu” (a type of concentrated noodle sauce that is usually meant to be diluted depending upon the application for which it is being used) or fried for yakiudon dishes.

For best results, boil your noodles according to the cooking instructions listed on the label using filtered water. CONTAINS: WHEAT.

A SUGGESTED RECIPE TO TRY: https://www.wenthere8this.com/japanese-beef-curry-udon/

PROWLER PACK!! – 25×150g ($130 USD)

Great for ramen parties, this is over 8lbs of NOODS! Please see the descriptions above for each variety of noodle. (Sorry, no substitutions)

  • 5 × 150g of Tokyo-style
  • 5 × 150g of Sapporo-style
  • 5 × 150g of Hakata-style
  • 5 × 150g of Tsukemen noodles
  • 5 × 150g of Udon

You will receive a total 3.750kg (8.3 lbs) of dried noodles, which is twenty-five 150g pouches. This is enough for almost a month’s worth of individual ramen bowls.

The portions pictured above are not indicative of the actual amount you will receive. They are only a representation of the varieties offered. The bowls nor toppings are included.

For best results, boil your noodles according to the cooking instructions listed on the label using filtered water. CONTAINS: WHEAT, EGG.

• Orders received Monday-Wednesday after 12:00 noon/EST, will not go into production until the next business day.
• Orders received on Thursdays after 8am/EST will not go into production until Monday of the following week.
• No carrier pick-up/shipments will be made on weekends nor holidays observed by the United States Postal Service.

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