Aojiru Ramen (Young Barley Grass Noodle)

I couldn’t resist…

After seeing a video about some fresh green veggie noodles, it stoked my curiosity. I was already planning on making a batch of “regular” ramen today, and I felt that I could kill two birds with one stone.

I chose to use Yakult Aojiru powder for these noodles (they were readily available and were lying around anyway..what better way to use them up!) After making the juice, I blended it with the kansui and sea salt using my general noodle recipe. Following the same procedure as normal, I noticed that the dough was a bit drier than usual. I doubt that it had anything to do with the surrounding room temperature; I keep the room temperature at about 70°F-72°F when I am making noodles.

I used one powder packet per 50 grams of water. Since this was purely done on a whim, I had no benchmark to go off of as far as how many to use for the best flavor representation. After sharing the noodles, it was said that they could taste the fresh veggie flavor. Although I sampled them, I prefer to reserve judgement until after 2 days, once they have completed the aging process.

Going forward, if I make them again, I would love to pair them with a veggie or a vegan ramen. In my opinion, I feel that the nuances of the aojiru would be taken for granted in most meat-based broth. At best, maybe a light, chicken-based shio ramen paired with an IPA beer would complement the noodles and it’s veggie flavor!

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