Flying Crane Ramen’s “Value Chain”

As with every spring season, new life begins, and more opportunities arise! Flying Crane Ramen is no exception to this and will begin new food-based initiatives. Continous improvement, upon the already thoughtfully-crafted ramen, will expand to new ramen flavors and side items.

Here is a brief summary of what’s to come for Flying Crane Ramen:

Fresh-made, crafted noodles will act as a better “vehicle” for flavor. These noodles will make eating the ramen a much more complete experience.
FCR will introduce more side dishes for variety and a more filling meal. Some side dishes will be available seasonally as well. Ideas for dishes include: prawn gyoza, sweet potato cakes, fried tofu, cucumber salad, etc

Please note, that all offerings are only available with respect to production capablities and scheduling with the commercial kitchen/venue site. If we can’t prepare it there, we can’t serve it.

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