Tonkotsu Ramen! Like a Warm Blanket in a Bowl :)

My beloved Tonkotsu ❤

20181209_131021In my opinion, tonkotsu is the perfect ramen type: savory flavor, thick and smooth texture. A perfect comfort food!

To those who may watch my process for crafting a batch of tonkotsu, they may feel that I’m being too “extra” even by home-cook standards.  Considering that some areas in Japan have 2 or 3 ramen-ya within a mile or two radius, being extra isn’t even enough.  Some of these shops have had strong customer retention for years and only specialize in only one type of ramen.  Places in Fukuoka that specialize in tonkotsu have set themselves apart from the competition.

Being the relative novice that I am, I have only begun to scratch the surface in how to better my ramen to be on the path to something amazing.  What I have read, heard, and also believe to be true is that most of what makes a tonkotsu great, relies on if the pork bones are optimally prepared and the fat utilized.

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