“A Trip through the Sip”: Counting Down to Louisville GEKISENKU!

LG Draft 7wbekmmtyI will be hosting my first Japanese Ramen pop-up for the community on February 2, 2019.  Finally, I will have a chance to showcase my knowledge of ramen broth crafting, principles of production and presentation.

Despite working in foodservice for years, my experience has been working in small, independently-ran shops. “Home-cooking” is the root of my experience.  For this reason, the taste of delicious and comforting ramen that you find at obscure “Mom and Pop shops” in Japan is the source of my passion.  I will be cooking and hosting my pop-ups at various commercial kitchens that will host me.

20181203_193805I seek to create an experience when tasting the broths of my ramen bowls which is why I prefer to top mine with no more than 2 or 3 vegetables/toppings.

The challenge:  Being of Black American ethnicity, having never left the country and crafting Japanese ramen, how do I re-create that experience?   After 2 years and counting of speaking with those that have traveled to Japan or who are natives about their experiences, I cross-referenced key notes of interest.  In the meantime, I have repeatedly tried, sampled, re-tried, and revised my recipes.  There is no room in the ramen world for arrogance and ignorance.  You have to be open to criticism, and remain humble.

At this point, I feel that I am finally ready to show the world my take on Japanese ramen:  I want guests to join me and to take a “trip through the sip”.

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