We had a blast at RAMEN EXPO USA & IZAKAYA EXPO USA 2019 in Chicago, IL!!

The organizers and vendors were wonderful, thank you!!

We would like to proudly announce the launch of our new brand, “AGGRESSIVE NOODS!™”.
Our brand consists of Japanese and Chinese-style alkaline noodles that are perfect for at-home or professional ramen dishes!

Click on the “AGGRESSIVE NOODS!™ Online Store” tab from the navigation menu, or click here to access: https://shoyusnob.com/aggressive-noods/


We definitely understand some of your reasonings for being hesitant about the prices of our noodles. The only thing that we knew starting out was that we wanted to create healthy, thoughtfully-crafted, and delicious dried noodles. Not only that, but to also offer a special experience of made-to-order noodles that were tailored to compliment more unique ramen broths. But, we realize that with imported/specialty ingredients, the preparation plus labor and the shipping included in the service, may prevent us from serving everyone who is interested. Unfortunately, our prices can not be lowered at this time, but we look forward to serving you in the future if you find we are a good fit for you.

Ramen flavor is amazing, and the broth is rich.

Marcus S.

Damn good!

Jonathan K.