My final creation for the summer, “Steak Mazemen with Aojiru Noodles”! Also, I have decided to do a mazemen dish that utilizes a protein that I rarely use for ramen: beef.

I am brainstorming ideas and getting hungry thinking about what could come of the final product ✌❤

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ETA: Here it is, “Kasane Miso Tsukemen”:

This is my double broth miso ramen, but with some twists! Instead of my original recipe that focused on miso & curry, I focused on miso and lemon.

The base is a gyokai tonkotsu with chopped onion, hojicha ma-yu, chili powder, and lemon juice. After pouring in the broth, I topped the bowl with scallion, lemon slice, gyofun, black pepper and chili threads. I love the flavor that the lemon brings! I added some extras while eating lol

My bf added kimchi to his, and minus the gyofun topping! Looked tasty, in my opinion! ^-^

The chashu pork was tea-smoked and the chicken was lightly boiled.


• It’ll feature the familiar miso flavor blend. However, I will trade the buttery, curry chicken flavors for summer-friendly lemon, smokey/sweet gyokai tonkotsu.
• Utilizing medium-thick, straight tsukemen noodles.


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This is a chance to try out the noodles before they go on sale (Ramen and Udon are planned to be made available at that time too). Once cooked, it is enough for 1-2 meals.

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Once cooked, these dehydrated tsukemen noodles spring back to life, becoming thick and chewy! Enjoy dipping them into your favorite kotteri ramen broth, or enjoy them alone as a filling snack.

Contest ends 8/4/2019 at 11:59pm/EST
Shipping info will only be needed if you are selected in the drawing.
Thanks! ~ Lady Tsuru

It was exciting to do a collab ramen dish with Hōjicha Co. and I present to you a unified creation utilizing both their Kyoto-grown and distributed tea with Flying Crane Ramen’s artisanal ramen and broth. It is a Hōjicha Shoyu Tsukemen [Vegan Set]:

From far left: Hōjicha Tsukemen Noodles with boiled cabbage, glass of plum hōjicha iced tea garnished with a cherry, fried lotus root slices and fried tofu cube, and shoyu vegan broth flavored with Japanese sweet potato, shoyu, shiitake and a variety of almost 7 different stewed vegetables and aromatics.
“Hōjicha Marr Oil (Ma-yu)”: This was made using their finely grained Hōjicha Powder and my blend of aromatic oil. This intentionally is not as intense as the ma-yu from burnt garlic. This version of ma-yu that I crafted is meant to be suited for vegan, seafood or even chicken based-broths.
Toppings (some not visible): Hōjicha Marr Oil, Black Sesame Seeds, Benishouga and Fresh Scallions

About Hojicha Co. :
“Hojicha Co. is the first brand to specialize in hojicha roasted green tea. Our premium hojicha is packaged fresh directly from the fields of Kyoto, Japan. We proudly offer high quality hojicha which is naturally low in caffeine, contains no additives, and no unnecessary blending or processing. Roasted green tea offers many of the benefits of traditional Japanese green tea while containing virtually no caffeine or bitterness. Our latest hojicha harvest includes Hojicha Gold Roast, our highest grade green tea, and Hojicha Dark Roast, a deep, smoky and sweet roasted tea.”

As Seen On:
The Japan Times
World Tea NEWS

☆Best Tea 2019 at the Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo☆


Ramen flavor is amazing, and the broth is rich.

Marcus S.

Damn good!

Jonathan K.