JUNE 22, 2019
Celebrate the rainy season in Japan, called “Tsuyu”; it’s the rainy days that make for the perfect opportunity to watch a movie indoors, or enjoy a bowl of ramen!

There will be a showing of the film “The Makioka Sisters”. This story tells of four sisters who have managed their family’s kimono manufacturing business and it examines their personal lives, marriages, and attitudes about tradition. This is an interesting opportunity to glance at what life was like for upper class Japanese during the pre-war era.

As for the food, I will be serving a choice of classic Shoyu (soy sauce flavor) Ramen or Hiyashi Chuka (a chilled ramen salad). Try one, or both! As before with the last event, I can accommodate 10-15 guests in my apartment.

This alluring, deep amber-colored broth will leave a bewitching impression; it’s a shoyu of great complexity and depth.
My blend of flavors include sansho, asari, yuzu, and daikon, just to name few! Also, the broth was finished with a garlic-scallion oil.
Hiyashi Chuka (A Chilled Ramen Salad) made with homemade mentsuyu. This dish will be available in Classic and “Hell Frozen Over” [pictured above] spicy flavor.

Oh! And for a fun rainy day novelty treat, I will serve “Rain Cloud Lattes”. This will be my rendition of the “rain cloud” coffee served in Kyoto cafes. It is a steamy coffee drink with a “white cloud” of cotton candy that is placed above the cup. As the steam from the hot drink rises, the cotton candy begins to melt and to simulate that of a tiny rainy cloud! Complimentary mini sweet cakes, and cold drinks will also be offered.

This is essentially the idea behind the “Rain Cloud Lattes”!

** I know that “matsuri” can have shrine connections, and this event is very informal in nature. No disrespect is intended!

I will accept interest in attending from members of the public, but space is very limited. Only invited guests will be given the address since this is at my private home.

There will be no cost to guests invited to attend, but donations will be accepted.

MAY 11, 2019
Fresh off of training, I will utilize the knowledge from ramen schooling to fine-tune my knowledge of Japanese ramen. I am going into my third year of crafting and I wish to continue to share my passion with others.
The dish will be a tonkotsu ramen served with hand-made noodles, veggie toppings, chashu and tentatively: ebi gyoza, sunomono (cucumber salad), rice, drinks and a Kirby-inspired dessert, “Starry Landing Cheesecake”!
There will be no charge for the invited guests to this event, but donations will be accepted.

**This is a private event, but some members of the public will be invited/selected to this event. The reason being is that this will be a casual dinner with drinks provided, but it will be at my personal apartment here in Middletown. Only those invited or selected to attend will be given my address.

The ramen of choice highlighted in the Naruto series by Naruto Uzumaki has been touted as a “miso pork” flavor as being his absolute favorite! I had to try making this at least once. In the meantime, I took it upon myself to test my improved Kasane Miso recipe since it too is miso and pork based as well. I naturally strive for continuous improvement, and this latest version of my Kasane Miso is a savory blend of miso, buttery, curry and porky flavor. The broth simmered this time for 36 hours which lends to its wonderfully-rich texture.

Ramen flavor is amazing, and the broth is rich.

Marcus S.

Damn good!

Jonathan K.